Market knowledge

We don’t just pull words out of the air. We study your audience and make sure we give them what they need to hear.


We never use technology, words or processes for the sake of it. It’s about being well-organised and communicating clearly.


We collaborate with some of the best UK agencies, so we keep abreast of latest trends in UX, storytelling and technology.


We work with clear parameters and without fuss. You always know exactly what you’re getting and when you’re getting it.


We use fresh concepts and targeted language that speaks to real humans and their specific needs.

Welcome to the team

The Copy House is now working with a team of six established writers, brand language experts, trainers and content strategists.
To work with any one of the team please contact us on

Where we are

We’re based in Brighton, East Sussex, but the work we do extends across the UK, Scotland and Ireland. We also work with organisations in the rest of the EU, Switzerland and the US.

How we started

The Copy House was founded by Ellen de Vries and grew out of her freelance copywriting career. She currently works as a consultant, trainer, writer and content strategist at The Copy House.

The Copy House Method

Without an experienced writer or consultant working on your project you may find that you’re endlessly wrestling with finding the right words and making modifications. Our method prevents that.

To make sure projects are completed on-time and on-budget with the highest level of quality assurance, each writer and consultant uses The Copy House Method.

The Copy House Method is a set of tried-and-tested processes, tools and templates that put clear parameters on the work we do together.

How to work with us

If you’ve never worked on the language side of your business before, we can guide you.

You are likely to find the following elements in the work we do with you:

  • You get in touch with us and explain what you’d like us to do
  • We send you a quote
  • We conduct a discovery workshop with you
  • We agree the parameters of the project
  • We carry out the work
  • You review it and we do your modifications (partially free of charge)
  • You sign it off

Get a quote: or +44(0)1273 251 247