Thanks for the collaborative effort

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Now that the new site is live, it’s time to stop and say a few thank yous.

It can be easy to keep ploughing on, tweaking, changing and optimising the way we do things, so I’m just taking a moment to come up for air and appreciate all the work that has gone on in the past few months.

1. Thank you for your help with getting the new site live

Danny Hope helped me reduce the complexity and work out how the site information architecture was going to work.

Aegir Hallmundir designed the look and feel for the site and made tweaks to the brand.

Dashaluna built the site from scratch using WordPress.

2. Thank you to the writers we’re working with at the moment.

Lucy Grewcock has been a copy assistant and worked on a few of our web copy projects this year.

Zosia Williams has been our hawk-eyed sub-editor and proof reader, she’s been proofing and editing box-loads of copy for the Lawn Tennis Association and English Heritage on the history of disability.

Ali Hinchliffe kindly swept her diary clear for 6 weeks to work in-house at UNISON.

3. Members of The Skiff offices.

As ever, The Skiff is the perfect environment, not just for working, but for collaborating and learning from other businesses.

Thanks Michael Bailey for the regular pep talks too.

Thanks too to all our clients this year. I’m struggling to think of a project that I haven’t enjoyed working on!

Post By Ellen de Vries, Founder of The Copy House.

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