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Copywriting in Mong Ngoi

When copywriting presses its intended audience’s buttons – it’s brilliant. Things work. The world is a better place. We can all be happy.

But writing good copy for yourself is difficult. It’s easy to get in a pickle with it – mostly because its hard to get into your audience’s shoes and then get a solid objective viewpoint on what your audience need to hear from you.

A massive part of making your copywriting gripping depends on the questions you ask yourself when you’re preparing to write. Here are the golden questions I use – they seem to work without fail, no matter how fancy or complicated the situation is:

The simple version

In the olden days of my copywriting career I started out with Maria Veloso’s golden questions which I adapted from ‘Web copy that sells':

1. What is the problem you’re trying to solve?
2. Why hasn’t the problem been solved before?
3. What is possible now?
4. What is different now that you’ve come along?
5. What should they do now – book online, make a call?

The deeper waters version

1. Who are you writing for (who are the people you’ve been working with, and want to work with in future)?
2. What problems do you think they have on a daily basis?
3. What would stop them from doing what you want them to do?
4. Why haven’t they come to you before?
5. Paint a pretty picture of how their life looks now that they’ve bought your product/service.
6. What do they need to do as a result?

Some bonus curveballs

We’re getting into the personality of brand now – which is a slightly different kettle of fish – but it might be worth having a go at these questions:

Why is my …. like a tray of warm scones?
Why is my …. like an astronaut?
Why is my …. like a ….?

Try it out. Let me know what happens. Good luck!

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