Project description

We worked closely with this digital agency to complement their team. We offered them lots of content strategy advice and helped them shape the information architecture for the Everest site.

Everest ecommerce

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We often work on large ecommerce sites with over 2000 pages, helping our clients form a solid basis for migrating to a new site with content strategy.

What happened?

The Everest site is huge – it has over 2000 pages. So a redesign of the site needed some careful planning. Working closely with the team at Cubeworks in Brighton (now MBA), we helped them with all the ground work to be able to kick off the design process efficiently.

We were responsible for:

  • Content strategy: Creating an inventory
  • Auditing and assessing the site for interim quick fixes
  • Offering information architecture creation support

What was the outcome?

They loved having someone on hand to help out with the time-consuming process of assessing the current state of the content. They also needed someone to act as an advocate for successful existing content throughout the process, so that nothing valuable was lost along the way.


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